"We dont need a photobooth attendant."  

Your guests are perfectly capable of pressing a button on a photobooth and standing there for the duration whilst some automated software does its thing.  Its not rocket science, its easy right?  Well yes, of course it's easy.  It's pretty easy to let your guests serve themselves drinks too, or lets get each guest to cook themselves up something nice in the kitchen, that way they will eat something they like.  But there are many good reasons we dont let those sorts of things happen.  

Here is a list of reasons why we make sure every photobooth we hire out has an friendly, enthusiastic and capable attendant along for the ride.


"The Photo Album Guestbook"

The Photo Album is the thing that you will re-visit time and time again long after the function has ended.  This is the place where your guests really get to stamp their presence on your special occasion. This is in part simply done by virtue of posing for some snaps but also in the very important step of writing something heartfelt, flippant, wise or cheeky along side their pics in your album. Where you have a photo booth, you must have an attentive attendant to "create" the album.  What do we mean by attentive? Well they need to be with the photobooth for a start, not 'within a 20min radius'. The attendant should be versed in the subtle art of guest collaboration.  This skill enables the guest to be gently persuaded to actively involve themselves in the business of getting some pics done ("for the Bride and Groom, for your wife, it was a condition of you being invited, it was on the invite") and writing a message beside them. This assists in the secret skill of "album assemblage".  Don't be mistaken, without the attendant, your album will be missing photos, absolutely no one will write in it for you and there is a good chance some of your pages will end up stuck together. It's true. We have seen it happen. Without an attentive attendant your photo guestbook simply won't reflect the wonderful, stylish and ordered evening that you wished for your whole life.


"Tech Stuff"

Everything is going along fine, the entree is a hit, the DJ is starting to introduce your favourite beats and you can tell that your family are going to make it through the night without a blow up similar to that which happened a few Christmases ago.  All of the sudden Jimmy, the new partner of your highschool bestie, decides it would be a great idea to go behind the photobooth and trip over the power plug coming out of the wall.  Of course now the booth software needs re booting because its having conniptions. Thankfully your attendant is right there and the incident is remedied and goes almost unnoticed. Hiring a photobooth with an attendant, genius.


"Your Props"

Props are great fun and people love giving them a go. Unfortunately not everyone is great at putting them back. In their quest to get some great pictures your guests will drop them on the floor between shots, sit their drinks on them and leave them on their table. What does this mean? It basically means they won't last very long and that is where an attendant is invaluable. An attentive attendant will keep an eye on things and keep them in order. They will pick up dropped props, help guests find the ones they love and generally make sure everyone has the best chance at enjoying their time in front of the camera with them.


"Your Loved Ones"

The big day is over, it was a huge success. Hiring the photobooth was a great decision...everybody LOVED it. You sit down to look through your photo album and that's when you realise. You didn't get a shot together. Many people underestimate this very significant part of your photobooth attendants role. Your photo booth attendant should be keeping an eye on who is using the booth. They will then know if there are key people who haven't. The Bride and Groom, Nan and Pop, Sarah who came all the way from Scotland...your attendant will gently prompt them to have their time together in front of the camera.  A Photobooth with an attendant = WISE.


"It's Included"

We believe that when you hire a photobooth package which includes an attendant they should actually be present, onsite, with your photobooth. We don't believe it is good enough for them to be "nearby" or "at the end of a phone line".   The opearor shouldnt be outside or out the back, they shouldnt be sitting in their car or have their head stuck in their phone.  They should be attending to your guests at your event on your day.  Why? Well, for all the above reasons of course but also because we believe you should get what you pay for. 


The conclusion? We believe you can make up your own mind. Just remember, when comparing photobooth hire companies, of which there are many, make sure you really understand what inclusions they offer and what they do not.




Backdrop Pop Up


Lots of Curtains 

We recently had some friends come and stay with us for a few days over the school holidays. Unfortunately their stay coincided with a reasonably busy weekend full of Wedding Reception Photobooth Madness and thus I wasnt able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked.

Old Freinds

One of our guests asked to be taken to the facility where we keep all of our photobooths. We have 9 booths  now so its lots of fun taking people there to show them the really big enclosed booths and the number of open style booths that we use from week to week. We did this on a Monday night (no booth jobs) and I admit its kind of eery walking into a big room filed with photobooths. Its kind of like a car yard of photobooths of all shapes and sizes. Our guest, lets call him Sam, couldnt believe how many different coloured backdrop curtains we have in storage. He thought that we would need maybe 5 colours all up but we counted 13 different colours. (Its something like 45 different curtains in total.) It nearly blew his mind when I showed him the mountain of paper and ink and the boxes and boxes of photo albums we purchase and store for the upcoming spring wedding season.  Seriously you should see how many boxes of all kinds of individual props we have, lucky we sell them.   When we first started our booth business about 5 years ago, we never new just how many different items we would need to satisfy the demand for choice at peoples wedding receptions. Our collection of gear just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  :)


What to do with the photo strips

These days, no wedding, work party or other event is complete without a photo booth! They are a great way to loosen guests up and create a lasting memento of the affair, with guests able to take their photo strip home or add it to a photo album for the hosts to enjoy for years to come. Whether you like to take silly photos, want something a little more formal or just like the idea of a candid shot of you and your guests, what do you do with all the strips after the party? Here are a few ideas:

Make an album

Many photo booth providers, including The Photopod Photobooth, also provide a photo album or guest book for hirers. This gives guests the chance to get some snaps then glue it into the book with a little note. A great twist on the traditional guest book!scrapbooking_image

Image Source: Allison Waken