Backdrop Pop Up


Lots of Curtains 

We recently had some friends come and stay with us for a few days over the school holidays. Unfortunately their stay coincided with a reasonably busy weekend full of Wedding Reception Photobooth Madness and thus I wasnt able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked.

Old Freinds

One of our guests asked to be taken to the facility where we keep all of our photobooths. We have 9 booths  now so its lots of fun taking people there to show them the really big enclosed booths and the number of open style booths that we use from week to week. We did this on a Monday night (no booth jobs) and I admit its kind of eery walking into a big room filed with photobooths. Its kind of like a car yard of photobooths of all shapes and sizes. Our guest, lets call him Sam, couldnt believe how many different coloured backdrop curtains we have in storage. He thought that we would need maybe 5 colours all up but we counted 13 different colours. (Its something like 45 different curtains in total.) It nearly blew his mind when I showed him the mountain of paper and ink and the boxes and boxes of photo albums we purchase and store for the upcoming spring wedding season.  Seriously you should see how many boxes of all kinds of individual props we have, lucky we sell them.   When we first started our booth business about 5 years ago, we never new just how many different items we would need to satisfy the demand for choice at peoples wedding receptions. Our collection of gear just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  :)