The “Age of Information” has changed our society’s behaviour. With the constant barrage of information, people look for “quick fixes and instant gratification”. Paired with our 80-second attention span, entertaining the modern crowd can be quite challenging.

Since people love taking pictures, or “selfies”, photo booths have become a popular addition to any celebration, going beyond the traditional forms of entertainment, such as bands and DJs. A photo booth captures a moment worth remembering. Picture print outs can also be the guests’ take-home souvenirs.

Below are some reasons why a having party photo booth is a must on your next event:

Helps break the ice

A photo booth is a great way to break the ice during an event. It brings the introverts and extroverts together in a small booth and lets them be silly and work together while having some fun. Imagine your grandparents wearing silly hats or 20 people squeezing inside a tiny booth. This is a great way to put your guests in an entertaining mood. In addition, it encourages them to smile and relax.

Share pictures online

Aside from breaking the ice, guests can also share their favourite pictures on their social media accounts. Modern photo booths carry this and other features to help guests upload their pictures and share them in real time. Friends, family and colleagues can also post their comments or tag others on these photos.

Unique themes for different tastes

Each event has a unique theme and photo booths complement this perfectly. An enclosed booth gives a guest privacy, while the open-styled booth can accommodate a large group of people. Photo booths can also be customised for corporate or launch parties. The options are endless!

Keeps guests entertained and busy

Parties, receptions and events are all fun activities. However, people can easily get tired and want to take a break. Photo booths provide your guests an entertainment alternative. Here, they can wear crazy props (costumes, hats, stick-on moustaches) and make faces while being photographed. It is the perfect place to loosen up, socialise and be themselves, away from the crowds.

Photo booths are great tools for entertaining the modern crowd. They make any event more special and memorable. Even the most prim and proper guest will not resist the urge to smile in front of the camera. Photo strips also make good souvenirs.

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