A Photobooth at your Wedding reception

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and planning it takes time and thought. One thing you will need to consider is the entertainment and bombonieres for your guests. A great way to help guests break the ice and have a laugh, as well as give them something to remember the event by, is a photo booth.

Here are a few reasons  why you should get a photo booth for your wedding:


Think about how much a wedding often costs. Just the photography alone can cost a small fortune. In comparison, a photo booth is very affordable, offering hours of fun and the possibility of hundreds of free snapshots of the big day. Keep some of the photos for yourself and allow guests to take snaps home with them – it’s easy, cheap and looks great!




The creation of a Photobooth

Here at The Photopod Photobooths we build our own photobooths from the ground up. ·We dont import them from Spain or the Uk or America or China or even purchase them from Canberra. We like to think that our photobooths are 100 percent created by us. (ok we dont actually make digital cameras or laptops or printers) ·But the rest is us. ·We·have spent countless hours brainstorming, drawing, sketching, discussing, arguing, prototyping, welding, screwing, sanding, painting, wiring etc etc etc. ·The design process to completion of each booth that we make is long and time consuming.

We have 9 Photobooths in operation now. Our Photopod is going strong. We now have them in Silver, Black and White. We have designed our booths to be large, wheelchair friendly, and versatile which means our clients can choose either landscape or portrait photography, choose pretty much any colour backdrop and our photo strips are never designed using a template but rather are individually designed to match the clients invitations or branding. ·

Photobooths and Instagram. 

There are some really exciting technologies that let us send and receive images to and from Instagram and Facebook at your event. ·
We can setup a system for you where everyone at your event can take photos with their phones, post them to Instagram and effectively have them printed instantly from a kiosk we supply.

Or with our Photobooths we can post almost instantly every image our booths take on the day or night to an Instagram #hashtag or Facebook account and your guests/attendees can have access to the digital images and share them till the cows come home. We simply need a reliable internet connection and for your guests to be in a reliable mobile reception area. Maginicant right????

The Facts

If your event is of the large corporate type with lots of the general public whom you will want your brand to instantly connect with, this can be a marketer's dream. Every photo sent to or downloaded from a Social Network site can be branded in any fashion the client desires. You can market products, offer discounts, promote a charity etc etc.

Now imagine at your wedding reception, everyone has had dinner, its all going perfectly and the speeches are about to start. ·Where is the Best Man?, Where are my Bridesmaides? ·Everyone under 40 years old is glued to their mobile phones uploading photos or choosing from the “cloud” which photos to print. DISASTER

Choose the right product for the event. Dont over do it. :)